How it all began...........

Our story, is basically, is  a tale of two kitchens, both of us very passionate about home made artisan food.  After a chance meeting at a local producers market in August 2016 and some lively conversations, it soon became clear that our two separate businesses, Cakestandcoffees and Cottam Warren Country Kitchen had the same enthusiasm and ambition about the different things we produce. So, after testing the water about a joint venture, The Butcher and The Baker was created. 

Traditional Methods

We dry cure our own bacon, using locally sourced meat and when available get it from some of the surrounding farms to bring to your table. When you cook our bacon, it doesn't shrink away to nothing, it can be sliced at your required thickness and best of all, none of 'that horrible white stuff' comes out. That's why we dry cure and don't soak or pump with brine. 

home dry cured bacon, The Butcher and The Bacon
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We pride ourselves on our Five Star food hygiene rating. Anything less than five stars would not be acceptable to us nor, we feel, to you the customer. We set ourselves high standards to adhere to, not just in food safety but also the  quality of our products. 

We entered The Great British Pie Competition last year and came away with a Gold Award, our first and hopefully not last award.  

Brownies and Afternoon Tea Style Cakes. Artisan, with a twist

All our cakes are home made and more often than not, old recipes brought up to date. The flour we use comes from the local mill, some ingredients, such as the soft fruits are home grown. Also, when there is some spare,we use home made unsalted butter for that extra flavour. Our Brownies prove to very popular locally and when sampled at shows or events.......... Always bought. 

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